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Daisy Chain continue to work their magic!

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to begin our mask donations to a very worthy cause! 

Charities have seen a huge drop in funding since the Coronavirus lockdown. As people hold off on monetary donations, with the uncertainty around jobs and the economy, as well as charity shops closing and foot fall looking to be less for the foreseeable future, it is a worrying time for charities, and especially those people who rely on their support.

Daisy Chain is one of those. Based in Norton, Daisy Chain is a unique charity which addresses the needs of children on the autism spectrum and their families.

The charity provides a range of support services to children and adults affected by autism, either with a diagnosis or who are undergoing the diagnostic process, their parents/carers and their siblings living in the local area.

Here is a video of the guys at Daisy Chain working their magic!

From first contact they made us aware they were “struggling to get hold of masks” for their 15-20 staff at their charity superstore. Their Masqonn masks came just in time! We received a phone call on the morning of delivery advising they had run out of their own stock and needed them desperately. We diverted the delivery from their headquarters straight to their store within the hour.

It was a perfect! The staff were very happy to accept them and we were very happy to know the store could continue to operate safely.

The following excerpt was taken from their website:

“The support of NAD Lab UK and Masqonn is invaluable to us and has ensured that we can safeguard staff, volunteers, customers and service users while saving funds which can instead be used to continue supporting families affected by autism.”

You’re welcome Daisy Chain! You guys are doing great!

Find out more here: https://www.daisychainproject.co.uk/news/local-businesses-provide-free-ppe

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