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Performance Testing


Backed by science

Using validated test methods and specialised lab equipment, our face mask testing is designed to give you the confidence our products comply with legal, safety and quality requirements.

Intertek is a leading total quality assurance provider to industries worldwide. For this reason we have partnered with them to put Masqonn face masks to the test!

Giving you the confidence your mask is safe and effective.

Differential pressure testing shows how breathable the material is. With a pass mark for surgical mask of below 40, the Masqonn masks is extremely comfortable and easy to breathe with all results less than 25.

With the Masqonn’s EN14863:2019 bacterial filtration efficiency rating, they are among the highest classes of fabric masks available on the market today, providing a superior barrier.

The antibacterial fabric testing shows 99.9% bacterial reduction and a zero reduction in this effectiveness after a 15 wash cycle.


Affordable, comfortable,
reusable, certified essential...

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